UglyDolls [Blu-ray]

An adorable animated adventure in which the free-spirited UglyDolls, lead by Moxie (Kelly Clarkson), journey beyond Uglyville to discover the town of Perfection. There they confront their desire to be loved and what it means to be different, ultimately realizing that being who you truly are is what matters most

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2 thoughts on “UglyDolls [Blu-ray]

  1. Puerile and One-Dimensional…But Very Sweet “UglyDolls” Distributed by STX Entertainment, 91 Minutes, Rated PG, Released May 03, 2019:Everybody is beautiful to somebody.In the animated “UglyDolls,” a group of irregular toy dolls, marred by flaws during their manufacture, seek redemption through placement with appreciative children.With a credo of “a doll for every child, and a child for every doll,” the group manages to escape their confinement to Uglyville and eventual consignment to the recycle bin…

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