True Believer – Retro VHS Style [Blu-ray]

The killing. The conviction. The cover-up.

James Woods is about to go up against corruption and conspiracy at the highest levels of New York City law enforcement in the action-packed courtroom drama, True Believer. Woods is spellbinding as Eddie Dodd, once an acclaimed civil rights attorney of the ’60s, now an embittered cynic who makes a living defending drug-dealing low-lifes. Dodd’s passion for justice is rekindled when an idealistic young associate (Robert Downey, Jr.) urges him to re-open an eight-year-old murder case involving a young prisoner serving life in Sing Sing for a gang initiation killing. Dodd’s frenetic search for the truth takes him through a harrowing maze of unscrupulous prosecutors, white supremacist hate groups and corrupt cops. But is he willing to put his life on the line in defense of his beliefs? A powerful thriller, True Believer takes a piercing look at justice for all, from all sides of the American legal system.

A riveting legal drama.” – Time Out

Starring: James Woods, Robert Downey Jr.

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3 thoughts on “True Believer – Retro VHS Style [Blu-ray]

  1. James Woods at his Best. I really liked the combination of James Woods and Robert Downey, Jr. working to free a convicted Korean from prison. The story is done very well and will keep your interest throughout the film. Woods is an attorney who usually works on narcotic cases but was approached by a Korean mother to help free her son from prison and to prove his innocense of a murder. Downey joins him in the pursuit of the mans innocense and shows how this is so involved. There is also corruption and racial issues…

  2. Great Cast Amps Up A Routine Policier James Wood edgy performance as a burned out defense lawyer and Robert Downey, Jr. as a starry-eyed law student make a great duo comprised of cynical rage and wide-eyed intelligence power this routine policier. Kurtwood Smith, an underrated actor if there ever was one, and he plays a menacing DA whose machinations have set the plot in motion. Involving Chinese gangs, Korean immigrants, White Supremacists, and corrupt policeman. Has one of the best lines ever, when Robert Downey, Jr responds to…

  3. This was what everyone who grew up in the 11960’s … This was what everyone who grew up in the 11960’s and 70’s hoped they would become… The main character reminds me of the many Con Law professors I have met. It’s interesting because it makes me smile at how different we view things now then twenty years ago. Our hero, a pot-smoking, long-haired, foul-mothed, has been, civil rights lawyer who sold out, finds redemption and inspiration from his first year associate and a case that allows him to redeem himself. His passion for the law is once…

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