TOY STORY [Blu-ray]

Released in 1995, it’s the first movie generated completely on computers.|It took 300 networked Sun workstations approximately 800,000 hours of computing time to complete this film. Each sixteenth of a second frame contains about 300 megabytes of information.|Early in the movie, director John Lasseter’s name is visible on the spine of the book “Tin Toy” on a bookshelf behind Woody.|With worldwide box office receipts of $360 million, the film ranks as the third highest-grossing animated film of all time behind THE LION KING and ALADDIN

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3 thoughts on “TOY STORY [Blu-ray]

  1. This version of TOY STORY does not have the BONUS …

  2. Absoulutely entertaining!!!! This s such a great movie. I remember when my oldest saw it for the first time when he was about 4 years old….14 years ago!He was so excited to entertain the thought that his toys really were his friends and may be alive!He fell in love with all of the characters and continued to collect them and watch this movie over and over and OVER again.This movie is so cute. It has such a great message which is so typical and expected from Disney of course.Now, I have 4 kids…

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