3 thoughts on “This Island Earth [Blu-ray]

  1. A Sci-Fi High. 👍👍👍 A quintessential essential if you have a 50’s Sci-Fi collection. Great story. Superb color. Great long length. A fan favorite for over 60 years. First exposed to this as a young man in the 70’s reading Monster Magazines and the newspaper…’The Monster Times’. Back then you had to wait forever and pray your nearest big city (Detroit) had it in their inventory. Then, you had to be lucky enough to catch it. Finally I was able to watch it by ordering it off Amazon. The ‘alien/monsters’ are…

  2. Pristine Classic I first saw this movie when I was a young man and it really impressed me. The color was so vivid. The cold hearted aliens desperate for nuclear fuel. Bugs genetically modified to provide security and labor. A trip across the universe in a flying saucer. Wowie zowie. This film was one of the greats from the 1950’s along with When the Worlds Collide, Forbidden Planet, Day of the Triffids and the Time Machine. A bluray copy of this film is not available domestically. I’ve been waiting for…

  3. Finally, I get to see the mutants and the interocitor in glorious high-def color! At long last, I get to see Metaluna and the mutants and the Interocitor in glorious high-def color! (and let’s not forget, Faith’s always perfect lipstick!) Doesn’t look like there will ever be a US blu-ray of this classic 50s sci-fi, so I took a chance on ordering the region 2 blu-ray. So glad I did! I play it using my computer, via Plex, so was able to deal with the region mis-match. The disc features German and English audio, plus German sub-titles.It looks GREAT! Actual…

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