The Great Silence [Blu-ray]


On an unforgiving, snow swept frontier, a group of bloodthirsty bounty hunters, led by the vicious Loco (Klaus Kinski Nosferatu, For a Few Dollars More) prey on a band of persecuted outlaws who have taken to the hills. As the price on each head is collected one-by-one, only a mute gunslinger named Silence (Jean-Louis Trintignant The Conformist) stands between the innocent refuges and the greed and corruption that the bounty hunters represent. But, in this harsh, brutal world, the lines between right and wrong aren’t always clear and good doesn’t always triumph. Featuring superb photography and a haunting score from maestro Ennio Morricone, director Sergio Corbucci’s bleak, brilliant and violent vision of an immoral, honorless west is widely considered to be among the very best and most influential Euro-Westerns ever made.

Bonus features include:

– Cox on Corbucci – filmmaker and author Alex Cox surveys Sergio Corbucci’s career and how The Great Silence fits within the maestro’s oeuvre.

– Western, Italian Style – This 1968 documentary on Italian westerns includes prime behind the scenes footage of The Great Silence.

– Two never-before-seen alternate endings, including the option to play one of the alternate endings with Alex Cox commentary.

The Great Silence original theatrical trailer.

The Great Silence 2018 theatrical trailer.

– Italian and English language versions.

– Ending the Silence – a new essay about The Great Silence by film critic Simon Abrams.

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2 thoughts on “The Great Silence [Blu-ray]

  1. which is doubtless an influence on him along with all the other great spaghetti westerns It’s practically criminal that this film has such low exposure. I have friends who went through films school worshiping Tarantino but had never heard of this, which is doubtless an influence on him along with all the other great spaghetti westerns. Needless to say, this is better than Tarantino because it’s not imitating anyone else. As is typical with spaghetti westerns, the dubbing doesn’t always match up very well, but it’s a relatively minor flaw when weighed against just how amazing this…

  2. A great western from Corbucci lacking a proper Region 1 blu-ray release Any fan of Italian westerns should not miss this movie. The Great Silence and The Mercenary have long been my 2 favorite westerns, however, both seem to be lacking a fully remastered Region 1 blu-ray release. This release lost a star for not being fully remastered, having film grain and what appears to be cloth draped over the lens during outdoor scenes, giving a layer of crosshatching over the entire screen. I also reduced my rating because of the lack of language and subtitle options – it’s…

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