The Angry Birds Movie 2 [Blu-ray]

In The Angry Birds 2, the flightless angry birds and the scheming green piggies take their beef to the next level when a new threat emerges that puts both Bird and Pig Island in danger. Red (Jason Sudeikis), Chuck (Josh Gad), Bomb (Danny McBride), and Mighty Eagle (Peter Dinklage) recruit Chuck’s sister Silver (Rachel Bloom) and team up with several pigs – Leonard (Bill Hader), his assistant Courtney (Awkwafina), and techpig Garry (Sterling K. Brown) – to forge an unsteady truce and form an unlikely super-team to save their homes.

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3 thoughts on “The Angry Birds Movie 2 [Blu-ray]

  1. NO 3D NO SALE! Seriously!!! Are all the 3D movies not to be released on Blu ray for home viewing?! You directors who did not do 3D justice are ruining it for TROU. So much so, that there doesn’t seem to be a big enough market for 3D at home. I still enjoy them. My brother still enjoys them. I see a few others here enjoy them. So why not release them in a two pack as always before. Why in the hell would I watch a cartoon if not for good 3D effects. Hotel Trans, Spiderman, bumblebee, etc. All not released in…

  2. It’s pretty good Honestly the no 3D reviews tanking the rating is complete and utter nonsense. Here’s a legit review from someone that S̶t̶r̶e̶a̶m̶e̶d̶ watched it.Pros:Lots of likable characters, vibrant bouncy animation, pretty good humor, threatening but charming villain, might be the best video game movieCons:The twist was predictable, sometimes runs the gags too long, the side characters from the previous film did almost nothing, does not clarify if Sony pictures animation or rovio animated…

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