Summer Wars (Blu-ray + DVD)

Crafted with over 2500 visual effects, the director of casshern weaves action with japanese history and folklore into a moving masterpiece evocative of the classic robin hood tale. once a lethal ninja, goemon put down his sword to master the art of robbing the nobility to share the stash with the less fortunate.

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  1. This Is Not a Movie About an Artificially Intelligent Computer Virus Threatening the Safety of the World Though precisely that problem confronts our protagonists, nor is this a screwball comedy romance though our nerdy everyman of a hero gets conned by the most popular girl in school (whom he has a secret crush on) into pretending to be her fiance at a family gathering (Yeah, THAT’S gonna work!). Instead this is a movie about families, about what holds them together, about what tears them apart, and in particular families with a tradition of service. In an English subtitled interview in the…

  2. Loved it. Slice of life and suspense thriller in … Loved it. Slice of life and suspense thriller in one, but I liked it best for the everyday home life of a huge family full of funny and quirky characters. Love the only slightly futuristic integration of social media and how deeply it is entrenched in daily life and how if something should go wrong with it could cause huge crisis. Modern day “War Game” with rogue AI stealing personal accounts and putting the world at risk unless our main characters can stop it in the cyberspace…

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