The Simple Rules of Lowering Cholesterol

When you have been diagnosed with soaring cholesterol, certainly, you could just take the medicines that the doctor prescribes and carry on like always. Or else, you could do the responsible thing and try to be proactive. There are plenty of changes that you can make to your lifestyle that can completely turn things around for you. Lowering cholesterol isn’t one of those impossible things like they make you believe. Often, you just need to accept responsibility for your health. It can change everything if you would do that. All you need to do is to follow a few common sense rules for lowering cholesterol. The rules aren’t that difficult to follow and they are not a big deal. What is the big deal is really, really following them.

Let’s start at the beginning – you want to first know where exactly you stand, cholesterolwise. If you have a cholesterol count that is greater than 240 mg/dL, you are twice as close to a heart attack as someone who has a count that only reads 200 mg/dL. It’s important that you check yourself at least once every three years, and know how good or bad your situation is.

In most cases, once you know where you stand, all you will need to do is to change your lifestyle. You can mostly do without medicines. But to do so, you need to really understand what your body needs. Even if your instinct tells you to just accept whatever your doctor says and to go with it, unless your cholesterol situation is pretty dire, you’ll be better off taking care of the problem yourself. You do need to learn a lot about lowering cholesterol in your given situation. The better you learn, the better you’ll be able to apply any cholesterol lowering lessons to your life.

In general, you can just not go wrong when you do your best to exercise and lose weight. It’s a funny thing, but it isn’t enough often to just cut down on the fat in your food. Even if you do everything to cut down on the fat, you may still not see any lower cholesterol numbers until you actually lose weight. There is a strong connection there. If you could do so much as lose maybe 10 pounds, you could do wonders for your high cholesterol count.

If you are looking for a good and inexpensive way to lose any extra weight, try walking. Study after study goes to prove that there’s nearly no better exercise than walking. If you find that you can never keep a regular intensive workout up over a period of time, just go with something that’s low intensity like walking. You’ll easily stick to the plan far better this way.

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