3 thoughts on “Sicario: Day Of The Soldado [Blu-ray]

  1. Very enjoyable A very enjoyable movie, especially for action fans. I generally don’t like to sit in a theater for two hours but the time flew by and I was sorry to see it end as I was so engrossed in the plot. Josh Brolin and Benicio del Toro are great actors and play their parts well in this movie as they did in the first. It’s not often that I go to a movie theatre preferring my home theatre instead. But this movie does not disappoint. I’m looking forward to purchasing this on 4K with Dolby Atmos or…

  2. 3.5 stars… Too convoluted and nowhere near as compelling as the original “Sicario” “Sicario: Day of the Soldado” (2018 release; 122 min.) brings the on-going chronicles of Matt Graver and Alejandro Gillick. As the movie opens, Middle Eastern suicide bombers attack a grocery store in Kansas City, killing dozens. We switch to Somalia, where Graver is interrogating a suspect with information on how those suicide bombers got into the US (via Mexico, of course). The US Secretary of Defense recalls Graves and orders him to do whatever is necessary to stop this from…

  3. Falls short of the original but is still a terrific action film featuring some young new talent Theater review. Possible spoilers. The original “Sicario” was number 6 on my top 10 list for 2015. Expectations set, the series continues this time with Stefano Sollima, a little known director from Italy, replacing Denis Villeneuve. Taylor Sheridan again provides the script. The honest FBI agent played by Emily Blunt in the original is not here either. Her scenes with Benicio Del Toro as Alejandro are what elevates that film. Her moralistic character is all but missing here…

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