Shrek 4-Movie Collection [Blu-ray]

Shrek Relive every moment of Shrek’s (Mike Myers) daring quest to rescue feisty Princess Fiona (Cameron Diaz), with the help of his lovable loudmouthed Donkey (Eddie Murphy), and win back the deed to his beloved swamp from scheming Lord Farquaad (John Lithgow). Shrek 2 With the help of his faithful steed Donkey, Shrek takes on a potion-brewing Fairy Godmother, the pompous Prince Charming, and the famed ogre-killer, Puss In Boots, a ferocious feline foe who’s really just a pussycat at heart! Shrek the Third When his frog-in-law suddenly croaks, Shrek embarks on another whirlwind adventure with Donkey and Puss In Boots to find the rightful heir to the throne. Shrek Forever After Longing for the days when he was a “real ogre,” Shrek signs a deal with Rumpelstiltskin to get his roar back…but turns his world upside down in the process.

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2 thoughts on “Shrek 4-Movie Collection [Blu-ray]

  1. No Digitial Edition included This isn’t a review of the movies themselves but what is included. I bought this the other day thinking that the digital versions were included or at least a code to get the digital versions. Recently they took out the Digital version from this edition. So I’m returning this because already have it on DVD and was mainly buying it to obtain the digital versions since it was cheaper than buying the digital versions alone. So if you want the Blu Ray or DVD version only, go for it. If you were…

  2. You get your money’s worth. The movies were great. It was the first time my 2 year old has ever sat through and watched something. I actually forgot how funny Shrek was. BUT… Each DVD had an issue. Maybe it’s an isolated box set issue but each movie had a section that froze and then jumped ahead about 5 to 10 seconds. This happened in both DVD players I tried for ALL FOUR MOVIES. It was rather annoying. It was a great price for what you get. And being realistic I’ll probably watch them only a couple times more. They…

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