3 thoughts on “Rambo 2 (star)(artisan) [Blu-ray]

  1. My all-time favorite Rambo movie and one of y favorite movies ever! “RAMBO” (1982) Co-written by and starring Sylvester Stallone, this cult classic is the simple yet powerful story of a troubled homeless veteran who is abused by sadistic local police in a small town. He is forced to defend himself, and in the process, virtually destroys the town.TRIVIA: As a young writer, Stallone noticed that the most popular movies all have the same underlying “VOTU” theme (Victory Of The Underdog). He also noticed that America’s top heroes are either in sports…

  2. Best Rambo movie yet! Rambo First Blood Part II is even more action packed than the first movie that expands on the Rambo and Trautman characters. The supporting characters are great (Co, Murdock, the Russian military leader, etc.) and add to the awesomeness of the movie. The movie takes place 3 years after First Blood when Rambo is in Prison, Trautman brings him out to find P.O.W.s in Vietnam. From there, the action builds up, right from when Rambo gets stuck on the plane. The character…

  3. Rambo….The ultimate killing machine. Blowing up the bad guys in the name of justice and freedom. Whether he’s taking on small towns or the Viet-Congs no enemy is too large from the rage of Rambo…… Personally, my favorite part is when Rambo is going psycho at the waterfall/river scene and shoots an arrow at the VC who totally explodes. Rambo II is a fun movie to watch. It is a great example of the 80’s action movie where less time is spent worrying about the small things and you…

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