My Neighbor Totoro [Blu-ray]

From the legendary Studio Ghibli, this classic tale of magic and adventure is one of the most endearing and internationally renowned films of all time. My Neighbor Totoro here celebrates its 30th anniversary with a release for collectors and animation fans who have adored the film since its initial release.
When Satsuki and her sister Mei move with their father to a new home in the countryside, they find country life is not as simple as it seems. They soon discover that the house and nearby woods are full of strange and delightful creatures, including a gigantic but gentle forest spirit called Totoro, who can only be seen by children. Totoro and his friends introduce the girls to a series of adventures, including a ride aboard the extraordinary Cat Bus, in this all-ages animated masterpiece from Academy Award-winning director Hayao Miyazaki which features the voices of Tim Daly, Lea Salonga, and real-life sisters Dakota and Elle Fanning, in one of their earliest roles.
The limited-edition set comes housed in an elegant hard slipcase and includes a new 40-page book with stunning art and essays. Featured in a deluxe disc portfolio will be a Blu-ray of the film paired with hours of special features, and the film&#146s soundtrack made available on CD for the first time in North America. The set&#146s 40-page book features new essays by The New York Times’ film critic A.O. Scott and film writer Lauren Wilford, alongside gorgeous art and statements from director Hayao Miyazaki and producer Toshio Suzuki, and more.

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3 thoughts on “My Neighbor Totoro [Blu-ray]

  1. This is not a re-release. The script is reworked. The voices are different even the song at the beginning is a different singer The first release of this movie is truly a masterpiece. If you can get that release/version you will not be disappointed. However, I am at a loss for words. This is the 3rd copy of Tottoro that I’ve owned. The previous were the original, Japanese with English subtitles, and the initial release in the US. This last version is totally remastered. Different voices for all of the characters. Completely different script. The initial magic of the movie is lost. The original was set in the past…

  2. My perennial Miyazaki favorite… When they talk about the classic Miyazaki that almost everybody likes, this is the one people point to…It’s not a controversial film like Princess Mononoke, The Wind Rises, or (to a lesser extent) Howl’s Moving Castle are.It’s just a sweet little film that’s inoffensive and very, very creative.The title character is one of the weirder creatures you’ll see on film but is very endearing. I think many people in Japan probably bought a Totoro plush doll as their first plush…

  3. Please read for Japanese culture understanding first 🙂 So glad to get a copy of this movie, just bummed that it’s in English instead of Japanese with English Subtitles. My now-passed Japanese Aunt introduced this to my siblings and me when we were kids, and I have always loved it. I definitely recommend it to other families with little kids, though be warned, there are a couple of scenes that are perfectly innocent in Japanese culture — like the dad sitting in the bathtub with both little girls– that may raise some eyebrows/questions in American…

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