3 thoughts on “Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie [Blu-ray]

  1. We need the 4K master of the 1995 film on BLU-RAY! The film is pure nostalgia for me at 29 years old. I’ve had the DVD for years now and have been upgrading my DVD collection to Blu-ray and this film remains on my wish list. I know the film is more of a cult classic to Power Ranger fans and there’s not a lot of $$ to be made from that, but with the 2017 film being made and released I thought that would have been the perfect time to release this on Blu-ray, but nothing. They even remastered this in 4K and showed it in select theaters in some…

  2. Great movie, needs a blu ray release to celebrate 20 years! Bought this movie today to celebrate the 20th anniversary. Loved all the incarnations of the original line up, and still enjoy watching the show on Netflix even in my 20’s. I remember the excitement when this movie came out, looking forward to watching it again. Just wish they would have a blu ray release especially with this year being a very important anniversary! I am sure they have tons of behind the scenes footage somewhere even if they couldn’t get the cast to do a reunion interview…

  3. Morphinominal! Having grown up during the Power Rangers prime I fondly remember the series and this film. Many people don’t realize that initially Power Rangers aired in the morning and I would miss it due to school. Thankfully my Mother would record it (on a VCR!!!) So I could watch it when I got home. Thankfully Fox quickly learned their lesson and moved it to the Afternoon.Often cheesy at Times MMPR still holds up. While the visuals effects are quite literally Dinosaurian the costumes and…

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