Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The [Blu-ray]

Vinegaroon law goes like this. Penalty for stealing whiskey: hanging. Penalty for not cutting the judge in on a bank heist: hanging. Penalty for speaking ill of New York actress Lillie Langtry: shooting. Then hanging. Paul Newman joins director John Huston, screenwriter John Milius and a cast of superb sidewinders to turn the real-life Wild West into a tall tale of a Wilder West. Newman tackles with gusto the title role, a self-made man who proclaims himself the law west of the Pecos, writes admiring letters to Langry (Ava Gardner) and rides into gun-blazing glory whooping “For Texas and Miss Langtry!” Prepare yourself for some colorful adventures. Because these bright talents cast long shadows.

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2 thoughts on “Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean, The [Blu-ray]

  1. A classic I’ve been to Judge Roy Bean’s old bar and “courthouse” in Langtree (I think that’s how it’s spelled), Texas. His old pool table was still in the bar at the time, minus two legs. He truly did have an opera house, which was still standing at the time; very small, as was the bar. In reality, he was just another outlaw himself, and a colorful outlaw at that. A great movie. In my opinion, the funniest part of the movie was when “Bad Bob” came to town to shoot Bean. Bean was…

  2. INTRODUCTION TO VICTORIA PRINCIPAL TITLE: THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN opened in theaters in the United States on December 18 1972 starring Paul Newman, Victoria Principal, and Anthony Perkins and it will take you 2 hours to watch this movie. THE LIFE AND TIMES OF JUDGE ROY BEAN was a 1972 western film written by John Milius, directed by John Huston, and starring Paul Newman (at the height of his career, between Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid and The Sting). It was loosely based on the real-life, self-appointed…

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