Legend of the Mountain [Blu-ray]

Newly restored in 4K! In King Hu’s masterpiece Legend of the Mountain, a traveling scholar is tasked with translating a Buddhist sutra said to have immense power over the spirits of the afterlife. During his research he loses his way in the mountains, encountering ghostly presences amid a haunting fantasia of color, light and landscape. King Hu rose to prominence in the 1960s and ‘70s as a superb director of wuxia films (A Touch of Zen), a popular Chinese action genre of swords, sorcery and chivalrous heroes. Legend of the Mountain comes from the director’s late period, when his visual artistry was at the height of its powers. The film’s astonishing nature scenes, shot on location in the Korean countryside, are reminiscent of Terrence Malick, while the reflective blend of myth and history is all Hu’s own.

Special Features: Booklet essay by novelist Grady Hendrix | Interview with film critic Tony Rayns | Video essay by film critic Travis Crawford | Photo Gallery | Trailer

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  1. Lesser Hu, But If You’re A Fan… King Hu belongs to a dubious group of filmmakers: the neglected; alongside the likes of Satyajit Ray, Mikio Naruse, Youssef Chahine and Ritwik Ghatak. As with all of those filmmakers, King Hu’s work – when available at all (his legendary DRAGON INN is nearly impossible to find), is only available in dubious quality – fuzzy DVDs, cropped or pan-and-scan editions, VCDs, DVRs.This is a shame – Hu’s flair for history recalls Kenji Mizoguchi or Satyajit Ray, his personal and highly…

  2. Review In addition to viewers interested in King Hu’s work, I believe ‘Legend of the Mountain’ may also appeal to those interested in classical Chinese/Asian literature and philosophy. The film is reminiscent of the ‘chuanqi’ genre of popular narrative literature in Tang China and specifically the ‘dream travel record’. It follows the reality, dream, reality paradigm and like earlier works evolves in a linear fashion.By placing the film in this context, there were many parallels to other…

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