Hustlers [Blu-ray]

Inspired by a true story, Hustlers follows Destiny (Constance Wu, Crazy Rich Asians), a young stripper struggling to make ends meet. That is, until she meets Ramona (Jennifer Lopez), the club’s savvy top earner, who shows her the way toward making big bucks. But when the 2008 economic collapse hits their Wall Street clientele hard, Destiny and Ramona concoct a plan with their fellow strippers to turn the tables on these greedy power players. It’s a wild, modern-day Robin Hood tale that critics are hailing as “enormously entertaining.” -Washington Post

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3 thoughts on “Hustlers [Blu-ray]

  1. J.Lo shines in gritty yet funny stripper drama “Hustlers” (2019 release; 110 min.) is “Inspired By a True Story”, we are reminded at the beginning. As the movie opens, it is “2007” and an Asian-American girl named Dorothy is getting ready for work at a strip club. Then a Latina woman named Ramona makes her grand entrance and does a spectacular pole dance as Fiona Apple’s “Criminal” blasts from the speakers. Duly impressed, Dorothy reaches out to Ramona for some dancing tips, and the two hit it off. We then go to “2014” where we see Dorothy…

  2. OMG are you kidding? I paid to see THIS?? This movie is terrible. Strippers decide to rob wealthy clients to “taker their lifes back” this is a story about a bunch of thots that are criminals. They ignore their children and Go out to shake there bootys for business men, to rob them and to buy shoes… Yeah thats the plot of this movie. Take daddys credit card after you drug them. SMH This is entertainment? Not sure who green lighted this piece of dookie. Watch it on netflix next week, dont pay a penny for this steamed trash. This is…

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