3 thoughts on “Hotel Artemis [Blu-ray]

  1. 3 1/2 stars. A mix of film noir, comic book, steampunk has its moments Possible spoilers. Jodie Foster doesn’t perform in front of the camera much anymore, but she has said she found her character, Jean Thomas aka “The Nurse” interesting so she is in almost every scene. Directed and written by first timer Drew Pearce whose best known work may be the screenplay for “Iron Man 3,” the film is set 10 years into the future. Los Angeles is aflame and the citizens are rebelling because there is no water.The Nurse established a refuge of sorts for the…

  2. An entertaining character study, disguised as a crime action movie I was very pleasantly surprised by this movie. It was advertised as being some kind of crime action movie, but that’s far from the case. Don’t get me wrong, there’s crime in it and there’s action in it, but when you strip away all of the fluff it’s a study of characters.Jodie Foster is brilliant as Nurse. The rest of the cast is very solid, with each character bringing its own idiosyncrasies to the party. Jeff Goldblum was a bit of a disappointment because he wasn’t given much to do, but…

  3. A Real Head-Scratcher Set in Los Angeles in a dystopian future—honestly, is there any other kind in movies? —the Hotel Artemis is a clandestine hospital, one whose patients are wounded criminals on the run from the law. The rules for admission are simple: No guns, no bombs, no police, no killing other patients. And as with any good HMO, patients need to be members.Several of those rules are violated when a powerful crime boss needs emergency medical attention, and another patient is bound by a…

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