Happy Birthday To Me – Retro VHS Look [Blu-ray]

Virginia’s Having A Birthday Party Even If It Kills Her!

Happy Birthday to Me is an entertaining, sometimes goofy, piece of retro horror that slasher fans should track down.” – dvdverdict.com / Judge David Johnson

Get ready for a taut mystery-shocker that will keep you at your wit’s end and at the edge of your seat. Popular high school senior Virginia Wainwright (Melissa Sue Anderson) survives a freak accident, but suffers from memory loss and traumatic blackouts. As she attempts to resume a normal life, something terrible is happening – her friends are ruthlessly murdered one-by-one. Will she be the next victim or is she the killer? The terrifying truth is finally uncovered at Virginia’s 18th birthday party and you’re invited!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me – Retro VHS Look [Blu-ray]

  1. A GREAT “bad” 80s horror/slasher flick with plot twists and integrity. This is truly a “great” bad horror movie and it has more integrity than others of its generation. Although I wouldn’t recommend it to gorehounds, fans of classic 80s slashers will enjoy it.Remember the days when all horror was rated R? Yeah, I miss the 80s, too. Those were the good old days when everything was either good or “bad” good. I’d call this particular 80s film a “great bad” horror.Meet Virginia Wainwright (Melissa Sue Anderson)…

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