Footlight Parade [Blu-ray]

Footlight Parade is sheer cinematic joy. In this Depression-era romp, a timid stenographer (Ruby Keeler) removes her glasses and wow! she s a star. A gee-whiz tenor (Dick Powell) asserts his independence. Plucky chorines tap, greedy hangers-on get their comeuppances, and an indefatigable producer/dancer (James Cagney) and his Girl Friday (Joan Blondell) work showbiz miracles to stage live prologues for talkie houses to keep their company afloat during hard times. Honeymoon Hotel, By a Waterfall and Shanghai Lil are the shows, directed by Busby Berkeley and filled with imagination-bending sets, startling camera angles, kaleidoscopic pageantry and a 20,000-gallon-per-minute waterfall. Curtain up!

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  1. Mostly Great Musical Starring a Singing & Dancing James Cagney – But if Yellowface Offends You the Last Number’s Not For You (4-3/4 Stars) One of Warner’s great Pre-Code musicals, starring Jimmy Cagney as a brash producer of live movie prologue entertainment, Joan Blondell as his wisecracking Right-Hand Woman (who is, naturally, secretly head-over-heels for him!), Dick Powell as his moneyman’s musically-talented songwriter nephew – and wonder of wonders, Ruby Keeler actually funny as another, initially tightly-wrapped, office assistant! (Of all the elements in Warner’s musicals of the period, Keeler is the one that…

  2. “Footlight Parade” (1933) is the best of the “Big 3” early ’30’s Warners’ musicals. “Footlight Parade” (1933) is the best of the “Big 3″ early ’30’s Warners’ musicals.”42nd St.” (1932) and “Golddiggers of 1933” (1933) were both gems, both wonderful, but the smoothest and most complete, and most advanced of the “Big 3” early ’30’s Warners musicals is “Footlight Parade” (1933).James Cagney is the star of show, and his talent is immense…..he really was a true top level movie star, outshining all of his fellow movie stars in every show he ever acted…

  3. James Cagney singing and dancing…what more could you want?

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