Fashion Sunglasses that will Add a Sparkle to your Look this Summer

Most of the summer activities take place outdoors and this means you need a cool pair of fashion eyeglasses that will suit your style, personality and your facial features. You do not have to get an expensive pair; instead, get eyewear that has photochromic lenses, which protect your eyes from the glaring summer sun. These pairs come in a range of brown and gray lenses that darken when exposed to the sun and retain the clear look when you go back indoors. You need to avoid the fake eyewear that has tinted lenses but they are not photochromic.


There are so many designs and colors to choose from and they also have different price tags. For instance, if you choose the Jimmy Crystal sunglasses, they have Swarovski embellishments on the temples giving you a dazzling and glittering pair. A brown-framed rimless pair with the crystals in a row on the temples will cost you $63.99. This pair with rectangular lenses will work with any outfit you pull out of your wardrobe because the brown color will not conflict with your flashy summer clothes. Another classy pair is the gold-framed eyewear from the same brand that retails for $99.99. The meticulous crystal design on the temples that extend from the upper and lower edges of the eye rims is eye catching. This makes the temples assume a triangular shape that goes all the way to the temple tips. With such a pair, the word drab will not appear on any outfit you wear. In addition, your face will sparkle from the reflective stunt of the crystals on the side.

Other fashion sunglasses that are turning heads have rhinestone decorations. From the rimless to the full-framed, the temples have signature designs that personalize the pair you purchase and you can also go for dramatic colors like red or opt for the cooler tortoise and black or animal prints. The price for such pairs is arguably lower than the designer eyewear but the manufacturers do not compromise on the quality. For instance, the SW animal print with rounded lenses and 2 rhinestones engraved on the temples will tickle your fancy. It is a great pair for a lady of class and it comes in various colors such as pink, green, black and tortoise frames. The cost is $16.95. In addition, you can get the SW rhinestone design that has rhinestones lining the front from one end of the eye rim to the other side. The bridge seems to be a cut-out from the frame and this eyewear costs $ 19.95 in black and gold, white and silver or brown and gold combination frames.

Men also have attractive deals in the offing from various designers. For instance, a pair of Gucci black matte frame with gray lenses costs $175. This is definitely one of the fashion sunglasses that will cause a stir since the logo of the company is engraved on the temples. These sunglasses promise to last long and you will not need to seek a replacement anytime soon. Other fashion sunglasses for men come in cheaper designs, such as the retro and the fun eyewear, but they are nevertheless classy and worth a try this summer.

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