Egg Donor Decisions

When something is working out well, you do not change it. Okay there might be minor tweaks here and there but really once something is running well and it is efficient and you are getting great feedback and reviews—you leave well enough alone.

This is the case for egg donation quite frankly. There is a company that has been doing this for 25 years and they have the numbers to prove their success! They have an online, searchable database of egg donors that you can view and search through. What you do first is register online as a recipient. The company that does this will then reach out and make contact to you. You view full profiles online and ask any and all questions you might have. Then, you make a decision. You select a donor. You are thoroughly taken care of and the egg retrieval and fertilization occur then soon after the embryo or embryos are transferred into the woman’s womb. Read more about this online at

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