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  1. Bruce Willis as “Paul” becomes a vigilante. He gets those men. Death Wish (2018). MGM. Rated “R”. Running Time: One hour, 47 mins.Directed by Eli Roth.Remake of Death Wish (1974) starring Charles Bronson.In Chicago, Illinois, Doctor Paul Kersey (Bruce Willis), his wife, Lucy (Elisabeth Shue) and his daughter, Jordan (Camila Morrone) enjoy lunch at a restaurant. The crooked valet, Miguel (Luis Oliva), manages to get the Kersey’s address from their car and takes a cellphone photo of it. On another night, the Kersey’s…

  2. In extremis… Paul Kersey, a mild-mannered Chicago surgeon, is used to seeing the carnage from the violent streets of Chicago that ends up in his emergency room. Nothing could prepare him, however, for the arrival of his wife and daughter, victims of a home invasion gone violently wrong. When the police investigation gets buried in the hundreds of unsolved shootings, Paul finds himself pursuing private justice…Such is the premise for “Death Wish”, a remake of the 1973 cult classic…

  3. Bloody, punny fun Dr. Paul Kersey decides to get his own revenge when the police have no leads on the criminals who murdered his wife and brutally attacked his daughter. Death Wish is a fun action movie that had me laughing throughout. Bruce Willis is phoning it in a bit and isn’t spectacular in his role. He also isn’t quite believable as a heart surgeon, which contributes to the comedy. We follow him from his pacifist beginning and through his bumbling first attempts into his rise to skilled vigilante. His…

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