Darkest Hour [Blu-ray]

Academy Award nominee Gary Oldman gives a “towering performance” (Richard Lawson, Vanity Fair) in acclaimed director Joe Wright’s soaring drama Darkest Hour. As Hitler’s forces storm across the European landscape and close in on the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill (Oldman) is elected the new Prime Minister. With his party questioning his every move, and King George VI (Ben Mendelsohn) skeptical of his new political leader, it is up to Churchill to lead his nation and protect them from the most dangerous threat ever seen. Also starring Academy Award nominee Kristin Scott Thomas and Lily James, Darkest Hour is a powerful, inspirational drama.

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2 thoughts on “Darkest Hour [Blu-ray]

  1. Watch it for Gary Oldman’s out of this world performance “Darkest Hour” (2017 release; 125 min.) is a movie about Winston’s Churchill’s initial month in office. As the movie opens. we are reminded it is “9 May 1940”, with the Nazi’s about to run over Holland and Belgium, and the UK looking for a new leader following Chamberlain. We get to know Churchill: working from his bed, with a stiff drink, and almost scaring away his new secretary (because she typed single-spaced). While certainly not revered by his colleagues (and oven less by…

  2. History does matter Spent just over two hours Christmas Day sitting with my wife in a packed theater here in Fort Myers, FL being transported back in time as I watched Gary Oldman deliver the best acting job of his life. The Darkest Hour may not be a factual, moment by moment account of what took place in those critical few days before the British people in their little boats managed to pull off one of the most unbelievable rescues of all time, but it sure has all the rich detail one would expect to read about in…

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