How to Have a Spa Day at Home

Are you stressed from your work? Are you overwhelmed with your obligations to your friends and

family? Are you very tired after a night partying with your friends? Do you need to spend the day

without worrying about anything? If any of these describes you, then having a spa day at home is the

perfect way to go.

Watch this awesome-sauce video on how to have a spa day at home.

Having your spa at the comfort of your home is a lot more affordable than visiting a

professional spa.

So, how can you have a spa day at home? Here is the plan.

#1: Get in the mood. You won’t enjoy your spa day when you are not in the mood. So before everything

else, make sure that you are in your “spa” mood. Play the right music, light some incense and calm your

mind and body.

#2: Facial steam. Prepare a pot of hot water and add a few drops of fresh herbs, essential oil or your

favorite tea. Cover your head using a towel and then slowly breathe in. Spend around 10 minutes for

your facial steam before you move to the next step. Aside from relaxing you, this also opens your pores

and prepares you for the next treatments.

#3: Face and body scrub. Use an exfoliating scrub for your face and body. This is a great way of

diminishing blackheads and preparing your skin for your upcoming facial mask.

#4: Hair mask. Use an oil hair mask for your hair. You can also use any other hair treatment. Then, use a

towel to wrap your hair.

#5: Bath. Create your own bath using your own ingredients. You can add coconut milk, almond oil,

lavender essential oil or any other ingredients that you want. Your skin is now ready to take in the

nutrients and moisture from your bath. While you stay in the bath, make sure that your favorite relaxing

music is being played and the candles are lighted. It would also add to the effects if you dim the lights

and use scented candles.

#6: Quick rinse. Take a quick shower after your bath.

#7: Facial mask. Wear your robe again and apply your favorite facial mask.

#8: Foot wrap. Apply a foot cream to your feet. Put plastic wrap around them. Next, using a hot towel,

wrap your feet and leave them as is for 10-15 minutes.

#9: Sleep. Rinse your facial mask using warm water. Remove your foot wraps as well. Apply your eye

cream and night moisturizer, relax then go to sleep.

That’s it! The plan is really simple and you can use most of your ingredients at home. Enjoy your spa day

at home!

Video: Spa day at home