Suicidal EMO Poetry Is a Downer!

In the early 90’s a new genre of music arose, called “Emotive Hardcore” as the years have passed pop culture has lead itself to a new form of branding.

FI05“Emos” as they are so desperately called by others are young girls and boys who live their life in utter depression. Amidst their suicidal and melancholic nature, emo poetry came to be.

Emo poetry is a type of poetry with no concrete meter, syllabication or rhyme. It is a stereotypical form of poetry that is underscored by great pain and tragedy. It is more that dark poetry in the sense that the writers are engrossed with a feeling of hate. The finished product comes across as of great suffering to sometimes sick in nature.

Emo poetry is the writer’s way of hushing himself/herself as he disgustingly lives his/her life in utter torment. Many psychologists say that emo poetry is one refuge by these so-called emos to rid themselves of their psychological apathy for life. Contine reading