What Services Are Usually Offered by a House Cleaning Company

The hurly burly of urban life has made people have no much time to clean their house on their own. So, janitorial services of a house cleaning company really give them a relief in a way that they do not need to worry much about the cleanliness and comfort of their house while concentrating on other things that really matter. Moreover, the house cleaning industry is now aggressively growing with more various cleaning services that can fulfill the specific needs of each customer. There are at least 6 cleaning services known in the industry.

Service 1. Recurring service
The service is a thorough deep cleaning that is performed on a regular basis. There are flexible options for frequency such as weekly, bi-weekly, or every-four-week cleaning service. The service is started with initial cleaning that will focus on cleaning every part of the house, furniture and linen and continued with the regular maintenance of the house. A team of 4-5 cleaners together with a supervisor work to create a healthy environment for people in the house. Usually, a house will be cleaned with the same team and supervisor. This is the most commonly used service offered by a house cleaning company.

Service 2. Move-in/ move-out service
Moving can be a stressful activity especially if done within the workdays. Packing, repacking and cleaning are a series of work that can take much time and energy while some documents still need to be taken care of. Move-in/ move-out service helps have a nice moving experience without the stress and hassle of doing all alone. The service will perform the standard tasks of house cleaning as well as deep cleaning to the furniture. So, you can directly live the new house comfortably by the time you arrive.

Service 3. One-time service
Maybe, you just had a party and need a help in cleaning your house; the service is a perfect option. The service is performed one-time or as-needed for hours. Using the service, the beautiful memories of the party will always remain without the stress of washing the dishes, vacuuming the carpets or removing the decorative items.

Service 4. For-sale service
A clean house has high value. If you are thinking about selling your house and making open houses, the cleaning service is suitable for making your home look its best. So, you will be ready for any showings and open houses.

Service 5. Construction clean-up service
Home renovation brings discomfort during and after it is performed. Dust and dirt are moving over the house and stuck in every corner and on the surfaces of your furniture. If not cleaned thoroughly, the tiny particles can cause respiratory problems or economical loss of damaged furniture. The service is suitable for removing dust, dirt and contractor debris your contractor has left.

Service 6. Deep/ Custom service
The service is suitable for those who need to clean certain parts of the house or certain furniture or appliances like light fixtures, windows, ovens, etc.

The services of a house cleaning company are slightly different from the services of an office cleaning company because a house and an office need different cleaning treatments and cleaning services prices. Knowing the services above, you can start choosing which service is the best for you.

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