Tips On Finding A Good House In Bangalore For Rent

We are newly married couple from Mumbai recently shifted to Bengaluru. My husband is a businessman and he loves to travel. I am a house wife and love to do shopping, cooking and watching TV. We both wanted to have a stable life as we have 2 kids now and he too is fed up of his constant travel. But finding a good house in Bangalore for rent has become difficult for us.

We met many brokers and visited few apartments but did not like any of them. Either these apartments are out of city or they are too costly for us. Moreover we wanted to life in a peaceful area, especially in an independent house. I hate noisy surroundings and my kids love garden. So we are looking out for such a house that has a beautiful garden in the backyard and there is a school nearby for my kids. Also there should be a playground for them to play with other kids.

Nowadays we observe that there are hardly any playgrounds for children, all the grounds are being converted into apartments. If this continues then where will our children play? Few of my relatives who are also from Mumbai wanted to come and settle in Bengaluru, but I clearly told them that finding individual houses is very difficult here. You can only get apartments for rent in Bangalore that you they don’t come cheap. It is better to afford an house at city outskirts.

In flats people have a different mindset. The way of living in apartments and in houses is quite different. I see that both the couples who work often choose to stay in apartments. Security may be one of the issues, but in Bangalore that is of hardly any concern. I myself take a walk after dinner at late night after 11 pm. Believe me, it is much safer and secure place than Mumbai.

Transportation in Bangalore is very good. There are many buses and auto’s to take you anywhere you want. There are many shopping streets, food outlets, malls, movie theatres here. People love to enjoy life here. But many of them come to Bangalore just to make money. In order to do that you need to invest first and what is the better way that buying a property in Bangalore and renting it out to get monthly stable income for a long-time.

Well, this is how majority of people live here and they have no regrets about anything. Cost of living must be slightly higher but still it is worth to live in garden city of India called as Bangalore.