I love raw jade stones!

I have always loved sparkling jewelry.

Diamonds, blue topaz and other sparkling gems usually top my list. I was never attracted to solid gems until I came across a jade pendant. Jade gemstones typically come in a variety of colors. I prefer green. The jade pendant caught my eye because it is a solid stone that has a translucent quality to it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the position to purchase the item that originally caught my eye. My friend owned the necklace and I am certain that she is in no hurry to part with it. She did offer to buy it as a gift for me but I already owe her too many gifts so I said no.

I decided that I would love to find the perfect jade pendant for me. I began my search at the local department stores, but every jade pendant that I came across was not a very interesting design.

The designed usually centered on elephants or plain, round pieces. None of them appeared to do the stone justice. I then took my search to high end jewelry stores. Again all of the jade pendant designs that I saw did not do the stone justice. I expanded my search to the Internet. I was still finding all of the jade pendant designs to be basically the same as well.

I came across a raw jade stone on the Internet.

The website offers the gemstones with no settings. I contacted the website and told them of my interest in finding the perfect jade pendant. They responded by telling me that there were several jewelers who would make a piece of jewelry for me from the gemstone.

I purchased the stone and it arrived shortly after. I began searching through the jewelers that the website mentioned. I found one that would create a jade pendant for me. I had a choice of having the stone set into one of their designs or I could create one of my own. I found a setting that they already had that was perfect for the project.

The stone would set inside of a spiral metal cocoon. The metal was open enough to display the green gemstone beautifully. I received my gem in the mail and measured it so that it would lay right. I then wrote down how long I wanted the chain and left specific instructions not to drill into the stone.

The jeweler was able to make the pendant for me without compromising the stone in any way. The stone is free-floating inside of the gold metal cage. It jumps around inside when I walk. I swear that the stone moves with me. It may have taken awhile, but now I have the perfect jade pendant.