New Air Mattresses are Improved

The notion of a good night’s sleep is changing. The old-school coil mattresses are no longer all the rage that they were back in the day. This is the 21st century; we have options. In fact, the classic spring beds are hardly advertised in comparison to some of the latest innovations. Ever heard of the Sleep By Number bed, or maybe the new space age foam mattresses? These recent breakthroughs are stirring interests galore. We all want that good night’s sleep so we don’t feel miserable at work the following day. After all, if we’re going to drop some dough, we want to get something worthwhile. The ever-popular air mattress is a perfect example of this. These new-age convenient slumber aids are more popular than ever.

The first time I came across an air mattress was in Front Gate. Oh come on, you’ve surely flipped through this upper-class catalog where the prices sometimes make you wince. This was a good ten years ago. I thought that the concept was brilliant. I believe a queen sized air mattress ran me around 180 bucks. Not too bad! After purchasing one, I truly saw the appeal. The air mattress is not only a comfortable bed that can be adjusted simply by adding or releasing air, but it’s a wonderful travel accessory. You basically deflate it and store it in a duffel-like bag for travel or storage. The thing only takes a minute to inflate with its automatic pump. Now that’s convenient.

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These days the market is flooded with air mattresses. Everywhere you turn, a new and improved air mattress is up for sale. Sleeping on air just has a nice ring to it. What could be softer than air? These are rather ideal for anyone since the firmness can always be adjusted. The last time I visited my mother for the holidays I was surprised that she too had purchased an air mattress. She found a double tall one that resembles the height of a real bed. It’s perfect for my daughter when we go visit. If you’re in search of a comfortable air mattress, hop online and check out the wide spectrum available today. No matter what size of air mattress you desire, you are sure to find one perfect for you. It’s easy to browse the various web stores in search of the best deal. One thing is for certain, these cool innovations are definitely comfortable and convenient.