Forensic pathology studies

We all have to give it up for science. Where would we be today without all of the scientific advancements? From medicine, to history, to computers, to forensic pathology, it’s all crucial to our current existence. We need this knowledge and technology to live safely and comfortably now days. Take our criminal justice system for instance. Where would it be today without forensic science? This concept completely changed the way we analyze and interpret crime scenes. Now we can better understand what took place, and more importantly, who was there.

Television and the entertainment industry have completely glorified the notion of forensic pathology. “CSI” is a primary example of this. Furthermore, the countless spin-offs prove my point even more. We love to watch imaginary crimes get solved with forensic pathology. It’s just plain INTERSESTING. In fact, numerous individuals have sought out careers in law enforcement and forensic science because of this. It’s funny how much of an impact our media has on us. Regardless, it’s great that these television shows encouraged people to take an active role in law enforcement, and still do. We can always use more individuals anxious to pitch in. Maybe you too harbor an interest in forensics. Imagine a life where you solve crimes and put violent offenders behind bars once and for all.

It’s not difficult to study forensic pathology on your own. Sure, you can take a college course dealing with forensics, or you can easily use the Internet to your advantage. I’ve taken it upon myself to further investigate forensic pathology on my free time. It’s fun and exciting to learn how this process works and how much effort is involved. If you didn’t already figure it out, forensics is glorified on television. Hollywood’s take in not exactly accurate regarding some aspects.

For example, the “CSI” team can figure out practically anything with Grisom leading the way. In real life things aren’t so cut and dry. The evidence found is not always enough. That partial print on a blade of grass won’t do it in the real world. Get a realistic take on forensic pathology by studying the real deal. As for Hollywood, take it with a mere grain of salt.

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