3 thoughts on “Batman Returns (UHD/BD) [Blu-ray]

  1. The Best Batman So, before anyone flogs me for the title, while giving reasons for why Nolan’s Batman is superior, allow me to explain:Is Batman Returns true to the comics? Well, yes and no, but mostly no.*possible spoilers*Catwoman is not a thief, a blonde, and a little deranged; Christopher Walken’s character Max is made up; Penguin’s story is not cannon either. Not to mention that Tim Burton takes a really dark approach in this one–I would argue that this is perhaps the…

  2. Great Always a great Batman story. It’s one of those arcs where a comic fan doesn’t really care that it’s not canon and it’s just a fun atmosphere to see Batman running around within. Given the feel of Tim Burton, when watching it again as an adult, I can’t help but imagine how it could easily be a possibility for Edward Scissorhands or Jack Skeleton to step out from behind one of those city corners.Love Devito as the penguin. Love Pfeiffer as catwoman. Keaton has always been one of…

  3. This film is by far the grimmest and least likable of the Batman series. The 1st, and by far the best, Batman was a dark comedy and excellent. This is a very grim story of adversaries of Batman, played by Danny DeVito in a really dark rendition of a ‘villain’. The scenes don’t seem to make sense in a simple crime/superhero drama, as with the other Batman films. No, they seem to be psychological scenes which are not immediately clear and definitely not enjoyable to watch even once. Besides…

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