Create Your Own Craft Patterns

Craft patterns are fun to create and design yourself! Have you tried it?

FI05Anything design or pattern that you like can be made in to a craft pattern. All you need to do is have the imagination and the design you like can be created. Craft patterns can be anything and the only limit to the patterns that one can make is the limit of the person imagination.

These craft patterns can be found on the net or you can create them yourself. Patterns can be taken according to the time the craft is being made and you can always choose current topics like Valentines Day, Easter day, Christmas day or any other occasion. Craft patterns are include patterns which are used for sewing, quilting, woodworking, etc. The craft patterns can for all kind of craft can be found and you can also create your own patterns. These patterns are usually designs which are made by professionals and can are unique in their own way.

Craft pattern change from region to region and from people to people. The pattern that you will find in Asia will be different from the patterns found in Africa. The craft patterns are linked to the cultures and have their roots in the lies in the ancestor who made these patterns. These craft patterns are very beautiful and unique. Craft patterns are different for each craft they are practiced on. Patterns that can be made using weaving and quilting, one can make animal patterns or other designs while weaving. In the same way patterns made on wood can be made using chisel to shape the wood or by fire where designs are made using fire.

The best craft patterns are the ones which are made by you by using your own imagination and without being copied form anywhere. These patterns will be unique when compared to the one which you can copy from different books or online.

Craft patterns can be used according to the patterns that one likes and also be designed to make it personalized. Easy craft patterns can be given to kids who can improve upon the patterns given by you and make the craft look better. You can always use your own ideas to create new craft patterns and make your own unique craft articles.

What ever pattern you use be it yours or something that you have copied from somewhere be sure that you enjoy working with them and that you put in your best effort to make the craft look good.

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Suicidal EMO Poetry Is a Downer!

In the early 90’s a new genre of music arose, called “Emotive Hardcore” as the years have passed pop culture has lead itself to a new form of branding.

FI05“Emos” as they are so desperately called by others are young girls and boys who live their life in utter depression. Amidst their suicidal and melancholic nature, emo poetry came to be.

Emo poetry is a type of poetry with no concrete meter, syllabication or rhyme. It is a stereotypical form of poetry that is underscored by great pain and tragedy. It is more that dark poetry in the sense that the writers are engrossed with a feeling of hate. The finished product comes across as of great suffering to sometimes sick in nature.

Emo poetry is the writer’s way of hushing himself/herself as he disgustingly lives his/her life in utter torment. Many psychologists say that emo poetry is one refuge by these so-called emos to rid themselves of their psychological apathy for life. Contine reading

Take Shelter – A storm is coming

Take Shelter

Curtis LaForche lives with his wife Samantha and their six-year-old, deaf daughter Hannah in a small town in Ohio. As a team leader sands mining company he has a modest income. Samantha, a housewife and mother deserves it with a part-time job as a seamstress by selling their handmade items at the flea market each weekend. Money is tight and the family must constantly fight to cover the expenses for Hannah’s health and special education. Nevertheless, Curtis and Samantha are not love and happy family life affected.

Amazon ImageBut then start Curtis’ nightmares about an approaching apocalyptic storm. He keeps these disturbing experiences for themselves and processed his fear by obsessively builds a shelter in the garden. His seemingly inexplicable behavior irritated and confused Samantha and colleagues, friends and neighbors turn away from him. But the strain on his marriage, and the strained relationship with his fellows are nothing compared to the threat, which is manifested in dreams Curtis. Since his disturbing visions seem to point to any disaster, Curtis confides in Samantha – and thus their love to the test.

With Michael Shannon and Jessica Chastain in the lead roles inspired by Jeff Nichols wrote and directed thriller Take Shelter , this year’s festival audience: The U.S. thriller Take Shelter has before the Film Festival Hamburg already thrilled the juries of other festivals: It was in this year’s Cannes Film Festival awarded the grand prize at the Critics Week and at the Sundance Film Festival and Toronto Film Festival celebrated enthusiastically. Take Shelter , the Golden Eye for the Best International Film won on 7 Zurich Film Festival and the Grand Prize at the American Film Festival of Deauville.

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Forensic pathology studies

We all have to give it up for science. Where would we be today without all of the scientific advancements? From medicine, to history, to computers, to forensic pathology, it’s all crucial to our current existence. We need this knowledge and technology to live safely and comfortably now days. Take our criminal justice system for instance. Where would it be today without forensic science? This concept completely changed the way we analyze and interpret crime scenes. Now we can better understand what took place, and more importantly, who was there.

Television and the entertainment industry have completely glorified the notion of forensic pathology. “CSI” is a primary example of this. Furthermore, the countless spin-offs prove my point even more. We love to watch imaginary crimes get solved with forensic pathology. It’s just plain INTERSESTING. In fact, numerous individuals have sought out careers in law enforcement and forensic science because of this. It’s funny how much of an impact our media has on us. Regardless, it’s great that these television shows encouraged people to take an active role in law enforcement, and still do. We can always use more individuals anxious to pitch in. Maybe you too harbor an interest in forensics. Imagine a life where you solve crimes and put violent offenders behind bars once and for all.

It’s not difficult to study forensic pathology on your own. Sure, you can take a college course dealing with forensics, or you can easily use the Internet to your advantage. I’ve taken it upon myself to further investigate forensic pathology on my free time. It’s fun and exciting to learn how this process works and how much effort is involved. If you didn’t already figure it out, forensics is glorified on television. Hollywood’s take in not exactly accurate regarding some aspects.

For example, the “CSI” team can figure out practically anything with Grisom leading the way. In real life things aren’t so cut and dry. The evidence found is not always enough. That partial print on a blade of grass won’t do it in the real world. Get a realistic take on forensic pathology by studying the real deal. As for Hollywood, take it with a mere grain of salt.

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I love raw jade stones!

I have always loved sparkling jewelry.

Diamonds, blue topaz and other sparkling gems usually top my list. I was never attracted to solid gems until I came across a jade pendant. Jade gemstones typically come in a variety of colors. I prefer green. The jade pendant caught my eye because it is a solid stone that has a translucent quality to it.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t in the position to purchase the item that originally caught my eye. My friend owned the necklace and I am certain that she is in no hurry to part with it. She did offer to buy it as a gift for me but I already owe her too many gifts so I said no.

I decided that I would love to find the perfect jade pendant for me. I began my search at the local department stores, but every jade pendant that I came across was not a very interesting design.

The designed usually centered on elephants or plain, round pieces. None of them appeared to do the stone justice. I then took my search to high end jewelry stores. Again all of the jade pendant designs that I saw did not do the stone justice. I expanded my search to the Internet. I was still finding all of the jade pendant designs to be basically the same as well.

I came across a raw jade stone on the Internet.

The website offers the gemstones with no settings. I contacted the website and told them of my interest in finding the perfect jade pendant. They responded by telling me that there were several jewelers who would make a piece of jewelry for me from the gemstone.

I purchased the stone and it arrived shortly after. I began searching through the jewelers that the website mentioned. I found one that would create a jade pendant for me. I had a choice of having the stone set into one of their designs or I could create one of my own. I found a setting that they already had that was perfect for the project.

The stone would set inside of a spiral metal cocoon. The metal was open enough to display the green gemstone beautifully. I received my gem in the mail and measured it so that it would lay right. I then wrote down how long I wanted the chain and left specific instructions not to drill into the stone.

The jeweler was able to make the pendant for me without compromising the stone in any way. The stone is free-floating inside of the gold metal cage. It jumps around inside when I walk. I swear that the stone moves with me. It may have taken awhile, but now I have the perfect jade pendant.